Olivia Chagnon |



Olivia is a second-year Biology major and Environmental Studies minor at Northeastern. In her free time she volunteers to spread awareness for pediatric cancer patients with Love Your Melon, goes on trips with NUHOC, and serves as the Vice President of the Northeastern Farmer’s Market. She loves skiing, hiking, and endlessly talking about her beloved home state of New Hampshire. Olivia grew up traveling the fifty states in her family’s RV, which has allowed her to see some of the most beautiful places that the country has to offer. She hopes that through EcoScholars, she can do her part in educating others about the impacts of climate change and advocating for environmental protection!

Email: chagnon.o@husky.neu.edu


Kai Gravel-Pucillo | Co- President

Kai is a third-year Environmental Science and Psychology double major at Northeastern University. He just completed his first Co-op with the New England Aquarium working as an aquarist for the penguin colony. When he’s not hanging out with penguins, Kai contributes as a layout designer for Northeastern’s science magazine NUSci. He also enjoys traveling, and was fortunate enough to spend the spring semester of his freshman year studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece. Through EcoScholars Kai hopes to spread awareness of environmental issues and inspire young students to combat climate change in their day-to-day lives.

Email: gravel-pucillo.k@husky.neu.edu


Jane Healy | Co-Vice President of Curriculum

Jane is a third-year Bio-engineering major at Northeastern. For her first coop, she is currently working at a startup biotech Cygnal Therapeutics in the oncology group. In her free time she plays club ultimate Frisbee and enjoys reading, as well as being a member of Northeastern’s Innovators for Global Health. Jane is passionate about this club because she understands the impact our environment has on the people and other living things within it, particularly in the future for today’s young students.

Email: healy.ja@husky.neu.edu


Anna Donnelly | Co-Vice President of Curriculum

Anna Donnelly is a third-year health science major. She recently finished her first co-op at Mass. Eye and Ear and Mass. General as a newborn hearing screener. At Northeastern, she works as a peer tutor and is involved in the END Initiative, which fights neglected tropical diseases, and American Medical Women’s Initiative. She is particularly interested in the intersection of health and the environment. Through EcoScholars, Anna aims to engage and empower a new generation of climate advocates.

Email: donnelly.a@husky.neu.edu


Savanna Burchett | Vice President of Recruitment

Savanna is a Chemical Engineering major and Environmental Science minor in her second year at Northeastern. She likes to travel, wakeboard, and cook in her free time, and was lucky enough to take classes in Sardinia, Italy studying sustainable waste management this past summer. She is also a leader in RAISE, a research team on campus, working on decontaminating runoff water from animal agriculture. Savanna plans on doing her part in saving the planet in ways big and small, whether that's pursuing a career in environmental conservation, or teaching kids about how they can make a difference in their planet through Ecoscholars!

Email: burchett.s@husky.neu.edu


Shantih Whiteford | Vice President of Web Development and Social Media

Shantih is a second year Biology major and Environmental science minor in her second year at Northeastern. Her hometown is Taipei, Taiwan and Annapolis, Maryland. She enjoys hiking, reading, going to concerts and traveling. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority at Northeastern and joined as a member of Ecoscholars spring semester and hopes to continue the program of educating the local youth about the important issues on our planet.

Email: whiteford.s@husky.neu.edu


Samantha Hoch | Executive Vice President

Sami is a third year computer science and environmental science major. She is currently on co-op at an insurance company on their natural catastrophe analytics team, which perfectly combines the two fields she is most interested in! Beyond EcoScholars, Sami plays piano for Northeastern’s student theatre group NUStage, and helps organize Art or Science, a gallery show that showcases student researchers’ photography. She hopes to help make EcoScholars fun for kids so they will have the interest and excitement to keep learning more about the field of environmental science as they grow older.

Email: hoch.s@husky.neu.edu


Ava Gallo | Vice President of Partnerships

Ava Gallo is a 4th year Environmental Studies and International Affairs major with a minor in Law and Public Policy. She’s excited to be back as the Vice President of Partnerships after studying abroad in Rome this past spring. Currently, she is on co-op at Conservation Law Foundation, an environmental legal nonprofit, working in the Clean Air and Water Program. In her free time, Ava is an active member of Northeastern’s musical theatre group, NUStage, singing, dancing, and choreographing. Through EcoScholars, she hopes to inspire the next generation of students to tackle climate change!

Email: gallo.a@husky.neu.edu

Former Leadership


Ryan Maia |

President Emeritus,


Ryan Maia graduated from Northeastern University with a double major in International Affairs and Philosophy. During his time at Northeastern, Ryan did volunteer work for a number of nonprofits, including United Somali Youth, United South End Settlements, Generation Citizen, and Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto. He actively participated in model international debate competitions as an Executive Board member of Northeastern's International Relations Council. Ryan's Northeastern education took him to Singapore, Ireland, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Australia, and he worked at Climate Action Business Association, Field First, the Boston Bar Association, the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, and the Institute for Economics and Peace in Sydney. Ryan is pursuing a career promoting global and local climate action, development, humanitarianism, and peace.

Email: ryanjmaia@gmail.com


Abby Plummer | President Emeritus,Co-Founder

Abby Plummer has recently graduated from Northeastern University. During her time with the university, she completed three co-op work experiences in Washington, D.C., Athens, Greece, and Boston, MA. For her most recent co-op, she worked with the Boston Public Schools Office of Equity. Abby worked with the Best Buddies and Room to Read clubs, as well as serving in elected positions on the Executive Board and Board of Directors of the Northeastern International Relations Council, which hosts and participates in model competitions, and competing on the Club Swim Team. Abby is a native of Connecticut and has had a lifelong interest in education and government. Since graduating, Abby has been working with an immigration law firm in Boston.

Email: abbyeplummer@gmail.com