EcoScholars will provide the nuanced, interdisciplinary, and pragmatic education necessary for students to help solve climate change.

Our mission

Environmental education impacts not just how we treat our environment, but how our environment treats us. It is critical that citizens of Massachusetts understand the environmental issues our communities are grappling with today. Through EcoScholars, Boston students will be taught the science behind environmental problems, the underlying sociopolitical causes and effects of such problems, and how everything from their everyday actions to their career pursuits can have positive environmental impacts.


Climate change, environmental inequity, biased energy markets—students of today are the key to solving these issues, and we endeavor to empower them to do so. EcoScholars lessons will be taught in classrooms and after school programs by passionate, open-minded student volunteers. We are currently partnered with schools in the local Boston area but we hope to eventually expand our program to schools throughout Massachusetts.


EcoScholars will develop the ecologically and socially conscious citizens necessary to ensure the Commonwealth’s green, sustainable, and environmentally equitable future.

The EcoScholars Curriculum will be divided into three units:

       I.    The Science Behind Environmental Issues

       II.   The Social, Political, and Economic Forces Behind Environmental Issues

       III.  Your EcoFuture: Green Careers, Opportunities, and Everyday Differences

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